Question: How Japan has been affected by climate change?

Climate change has affected Japan drastically. The temperature and rainfall have increased rapidly in the years leading up to 2020. This has resulted in immature rice grains and also oranges that automatically get separated from their skin due to immature growth by inappropriate weather.

How do Japan adapt to climate change?

With climate change, they are expecting that the number of heavy rains will increase up to 10 days in the next 100 years. Their climate mitigation includes the use of renewable energy, forest conservation, and drainage infrastructures to prevent leakages.

How has Japan affected the environment?

Air pollution is a serious environmental problem in Japan, particularly in urban centers. Increase in acid levels due to industrial pollutants has affected lakes, rivers, and the waters surrounding Japan. Other sources of pollution include DDT, BMC, and mercury.

How does Tokyo handle climate change?

Tokyo with a relatively high level of energy efficiency leads major cities in the world in climate change mitigation measures by launching activities designed to achieve further substantial reductions in CO2 emissions.

Is Japan an environmentally friendly country?

Japan is widely considered as one of the most modern and progressive economies countries in the world in regards to their dedication to promote environmental protection. In fact, Japan been particularly responsive to addressing both air pollution and the harmful dangers associated with nuclear power plants.

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