Question: What cities are in the running for 2032 Olympics?

On 21 June 2021, Brisbane was confirmed as host of the 2032 Summer Olympics at the 138th IOC Session in Tokyo, Japan.

Where are the 2032 Olympics going to be?

Looking ahead to 2032, Brisbane in Queensland, Australia was recently announced as the winning host location for the 2032 Olympic Games – which will mark the 34th Olympic Games since records began in 1886.

Which city will host Commonwealth Games in 2022?

Birmingham 2022 Commonwealth Games/Location Sitting in the heart of the UK, Birmingham is perfectly positioned to host the 2022 Commonwealth Games. It will be the third time England has hosted the Games, following on from London in 1934 and more recently Manchester in 2002. One of the youngest cities in Europe, Birmingham is vibrant and richly diverse.

Where Will Olympics be held?

Tokyo Olympic Games Tokyo 2020/Location The next Olympics looms right around the corner. After Tokyo, the 2022 Winter Games are scheduled to take place in Beijing from Feb. 4-22, 2022 — seven months following the closing ceremonies of the 2021 Olympics. Paris (2024) and Los Angeles (2028) are set to host the next two Summer Olympics.

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