Question: What is the salary of Ajjubhai per month?

As per Social Blade, Ajjubhais estimated monthly earnings from his YouTube channel are between $73.5K and $1.2M. Meanwhile, his yearly earnings are in the range of $882.3K and $14.1M. His channel rank is 30 when it comes to the number of subscribers on YouTube in India.

What is the age of Ajjubhai?

Ajju Bhai Age, Biography & WikiReal NameAjayFree Fire NameAjjubhai94UID451012596GuildTG-MafiaAge (As of 2021)23 Years8 more rows•21 Mar 2021

What is the income of Ajjubhai in Indian rupees?

Free Fire Ajjubhai (Total Gaming): Stats, Net Worth, Income, YouTube Channels and moreReal NameAjayMonthly Income15 LakhsFree Fire ID451012596Free Fire NameAjjubhai94EducationDiploma Dropouts7 more rows•14 May 2021

How many subscribers does AJJU Bhai have?

On his primary YouTube channel, Total Gaming, Ajjubhai boasts a subscriber count of 22.6 million, out of which 1 million subscribers were added in the last 30 days.

What is the income of badge 99?

As per Social Blade, Badge 99s estimated monthly earnings are between $15.2K - $243.9K. Meanwhile, his estimated yearly earnings are in the range of $182.9K - $2.9 million.

Who is free Fire King?

Gaming Tamizhan, aka GT King, is a famous Tamil Free Fire YouTuber from India. This article looks at his real name, in-game details, and more. Also read: Gyan Sujan vs TSG Ritik: Who has better stats in Free Fire?

What is Badge 99 level?

Ranked Stats Badge 99 has featured in 45 squad matches in Ranked Season 18 and has a win tally of 8 games, translating to a win rate of 17.78%. With 141 kills to his name, he has a K/D ratio of 3.81. He has also played 4 duo matches and has won a single game.

Which is the richest Free Fire noob?

Lokesh Gamer Lokesh Gamer is called the Richest Noob in Free Fire by his fans in the Indian gaming community. He owns a YouTube channel named after himself and it has more than 12.4 Million subscribers.

Is Ruok a FF?

RUOK FF is one of the celebrated Free Fire content creators from Thailand. He is known for his outstanding skills and impressive gameplay videos that he regularly uploads on his YouTube channel.

Who is Free Fire king in world?

Who Is The King Of Free Fire In World - Sultan Proslo is the king of the Free Fire in the World. Sultan Proslo is a popular Free Fire gamer from Indonesia. Belonging to the Heroic Tier, his badge point is 25089. He belongs to the NESC-IND guild and is said to be the Worlds best Free Fire player.

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