Question: Should I beat Horizon Zero Dawn before frozen wilds?

The main quests of the base game Horizon Zero Dawn will give you a ton of experience with a variety of machines and tasks. This is why its a good idea to play and complete the main game before venturing into the Frozen Wilds territory.

Should I do frozen wilds before New game Plus?

You dont need to start a brand-new game just to access Horizon Zero Dawn: The Frozen Wilds. The expansion content is available regardless of whether youre on your very first playthrough or on your latest New Game+.

Is Horizon Zero Dawn frozen wilds hard?

Things are WAY harder. Im not joking: The Frozen Wilds is tough as hell. Fair, but tough. Its definitely made for those of us who reached the level 50 cap in Horizon Zero Dawn, as the new machines youre fighting - as well as the ones corrupted by the Daemon - are much harder to take down.

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