Question: What is fail-safe and safe life?

In the safe life method, the S-N curve is used to design a component in such a way that it will not fail within a pre-determined number of cycles. This method differs from safe life in that fail safe assumes that a component will fail, and therefore the component is designed to fail in a safe manner.

What is the difference between safe life and fail-safe?

The benefit of safe-life designs includes reducing the likelihood of unplanned maintenance and reducing the likelihood of any failure. Benefits of fail-safe designs include being able to manage the unexpected and mitigating damage if failure occurs.

What are fail safe principles for safety?

A fail safe system is one which, due to the characteristics of its equipment and components and the way in which they are integrated, is guaranteed that, in the event of any fault appearing, the system will always go to a safe status, normally affecting availability but never, and in no case, affecting safety.

What is a fail safe in aviation?

The FAAs (2005) accepted definition is as follows: fail safe is the attribute of the structure that permits it to retain its required residual strength for a period of unrepaired use after the failure or partial failure of a principal structural element.

What is damage tolerant design?

That is, damage tolerant structures are designed to sustain cracks without catastrophic failure until the damage is detected in scheduled inspections and the damaged part is repaired or replaced.

What is fail safe and fail fast in Java?

Fail-Safe. 1. Exception. Any changes in the collection, such as adding, removing and updating collection during a thread are iterating collection then Fail fast throw concurrent modification exception. The fail-safe collection doesnt throw exception.

What is damage tolerance concept?

Damage tolerance is a property of a structure relating to its ability to sustain defects safely until repair can be effected. The approach to engineering design to account for damage tolerance is based on the assumption that flaws can exist in any structure and such flaws propagate with usage.

Why ConcurrentHashMap is fail safe?

concurrent package such as ConcurrentHashMap, CopyOnWriteArrayList, etc. are Fail-Safe in nature. In the code snippet above, were using Fail-Safe Iterator. Hence, even though a new element is added to the Collection during the iteration, it doesnt throw an exception.

Is HashMap Fail Safe?

Iterator on ArrayList, HashMap classes are some examples of fail-fast Iterator. This is because, they operate on the clone of the collection, not on the original collection and thats why they are called fail-safe iterators. Iterator on CopyOnWriteArrayList, ConcurrentHashMap classes are examples of fail-safe Iterator.

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