Question: Do Dyson and Bo get together?

Bo ends up walking in on Dyson and Bos friend and fellow succubus, Saskia, having sex where she nearly drains Dyson. Bo saves and revives Dyson, but he ends up in bad shape. The Norn has played a trick on Dyson, though, and did not take his wolf, but rather his love for Bo. Hell never feel for Bo again.

Does Dyson give up his wolf?

This changed when the King betrayed his wolf pack and had his best friend, Stefan, killed to take his wife, Ciara, for himself. After this, Dyson left his pack for good, becoming, in effect, a lone wolf. (This might explain why Dyson sometimes gives the impression of being cold.)

What episode does kensi get Dysons love back?

Into the Dark Lost Girl Into the Dark (TV Episode 2012) - IMDb.

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