Question: What years did August 7 fall on a Saturday?

What years did August 8 fall on a Saturday?

When is Saturday the 8th?Saturday the 8th occurrencesYearDateSince last2015Saturday, August 8, 20152016Saturday, October 8, 2016+ 14 months2017Saturday, April 8, 2017+ 6 months16 more rows

What years did July 7 fall on a Sunday?

When is Sunday the 7th?Sunday the 7th occurrencesYearDateSince last2024Sunday, July 7, 2024+ 3 months2025Sunday, September 7, 2025+ 14 monthsSunday, December 7, 2025+ 3 months17 more rows

What happened on the 7 July?

This Day in History: July 7 The U.S. Congress annexed Hawaii through a joint resolution signed by President William McKinley on this day in 1898, paving the way for the islands to become a territory (1900) and later a U.S. state (1959).

Has the 4th of July ever been on a Sunday?

How often does the 4th day of a month fall on a Sunday....When is Sunday the 4th?Sunday the 4th occurrencesYear2021DateSunday, July 4, 2021MonthJulySince last+ 3 months70 more columns

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