Question: What does Moco mean in Hawaiian?

The Tiki Terrace proudly serves one of Hawaiis most classic dishes- loco moco. To those who speak Spanish, this seems super funny..... loco meaning crazy, and moco meaning buger. Yup, thats right....Hawaii serves up one mean dish of crazy burgers. First reports of loco moco came from 1949 in Hilo, Hawaii.

Is loco moco a Spanish word?

George Takahashi, who was studying Spanish at Hilo High School, suggested using Loco, which is Spanish for crazy. They tacked on moco which rhymed with loco and sounded good.

Why is Spam so big in Hawaii?

Why are SPAM®s products so popular in Hawaii? The true root of the islands love for SPAM® products goes back to World War II, when the luncheon meat was served to GIs. By the end of the war, SPAM® products were adopted into local culture, with Fried SPAM® Classic and rice becoming a popular meal.

What are traditional Hawaiian foods?

Traditional Hawaiian Food: Eat These 7 Massively Tasty DishesPoi. The staple and traditional filler starch dish in Hawaiian cuisine is something known as poi. Laulau. Kalua pig. Poke. Lomi Salmon (lomi-lomi salmon) Chicken long rice. Fruit (like pineapple and lilikoi)

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