Question: What place are Dodgers?

What place are the Red Sox in?

AL EASTAL EASTHOME1Rays Z52-292Yankees45-333Red Sox49-324Blue Jays43-311 more row

Who is 1st place in MLB?

White Sox AL CENTRALAL CENTRALW-L1White Sox Y88-682Indians76-793Tigers75-804Royals71-841 more row

Are Dodgers in 1st place?

Dodgers rally for two in the 8th LOS ANGELES -- After four long months, the Dodgers are back in first place in the National League West. Los Angeles pieced together a rally in the eighth to come from behind against the Braves and secure a series sweep with a 4-3 win on Wednesday at Dodger Stadium.

Why is it spelled Sox?

Newspapers like the Chicago Tribune often shortened these nicknames to “Sox.” When Charlie Comiskey founded the American Leagues Chicago White Stockings in 1901, the Tribune wasted no time in dubbing them the White Sox.

Can socks be spelled SOX?

Sox most often refers to: Boston Red Sox, an MLB team. Chicago White Sox, an MLB team. An alternate spelling of socks.

Who has most hits in MLB?

Pete Rose Career Leaders & Records for HitsRankPlayer (yrs, age)Hits1.Pete Rose (24)42562.Ty Cobb+ (24)41893.Henry Aaron+ (23)37714.Stan Musial+ (22)363073 more rows

Why is Sox spelled Sox?

The Red Sox has officially been the teams name since 1908. The unusual—but one would think at this point, widely recognizable—three-letter spelling is a shortened version of an old nickname for the club, which once went by The Boston Red Stockings.

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