Question: Is Krieg good solo?

Kreig is great in solo or with friends as he juast has so many ways to heal even without moxie weapons. Not to mention he was built with UVHM in mind as he came after it was released. In short Kreig is a very good character and I dont think your friend knows what hes talking about.

Which is better Krieg or Gaige?

In my opinion, Krieg is very high risk/high rewards. Despite having a harder NVHM than Gaige, he is more worthwhile in UVHM.

Is Krieg good Borderlands 2?

Krieg does so much more than pure melee. With that said, if you do go down that route, its very, very powerful. Its by far the most tanky playstyle, between Taste of Blood and Release the Beast, and your damage output is pretty nuts too with Silence the Voices and Fuel the Blood+Bombardier.

What does Krieg suffer from?

Krieg seems to suffer from Dissociative Identity Disorder (DID) as he argues with an inner voice that was created as result of traumatic experiences, although his case differs significantly from the typical diagnosis in a number of ways: Only one personality is active at a given moment in typical DID.

Is Krieg fun Reddit?

Krieg is fantastic, but he is the hardest character to start with because of the way his skills are set up. For now, go with Hellborn or Bloodlust (or just keep slogging through Mania, and be prepared to die a lot) until you get Release the Beast. Then get ready for fun times. You can play kreig without a buzzaxe.

Can you play as Krieg in Borderlands 2?

In it, Krieg can be seen floating in front of a shifting background of Borderlands artwork, as his unintelligible shouts and grunts play in voiceover. He was added as a playable character in Borderlands 2 and was made available as add-on DLC shortly before the release of Tiny Tinas Assault on Dragon Keep.

What happened to Krieg in Borderlands 3?

Unfortunately, Krieg was discovered and captured by Crushjaw, who some players may remember as a Zer0 Assassination Target in the base game. It would then be up to the player to set and and rescue the big bandit.

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