Question: Who is Sayus English VA?

Sayu voice actress: Sayu will be voiced by Lily Ki in the English dub, who is known online as LilyPichu, a very popular streamer and artist.

Who is Sayus English VA Genshin?

LilyPichu Voicing Sayu in Genshin Impact Apart from this, there are two new characters that have been introduced in the game. Kamisato Ayaka is one of those characters and the character has been voiced by Erica Mendez in English.

Is SAYUs VA LilyPichu?

LilyPichu and Aya Suzaki join Genshin Impact as Sayus voice actors. Famous Twitch streamer, LilyPichu, and Japanese Seiyuu Aya Suzaki will voice the upcoming character Sayu in Genshin Impact. With the new Inazuma region, miHoYo also revealed many new characters coming to the game.

Who is Scaramouche English VA?

Scaramouche Voice Actor Genshin Tetsuya Kakihara was fascinated by Japanese entertainment culture and went to the Amusement Media Academy in 2001 to study voice acting.

Who is Zhongli VA?

Keith Silverstein is the English dub voice of Zhongli in Genshin Impact, and Tomoaki Maeno is the Japanese voice.

What nationality is LilyPichu?

American LilyPichu/Nationality

Does LilyPichu do voice acting?

In addition to being a professional English voice actor, Lilypichu is also a musician, artist, ...

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