Question: What do the three billboards outside ebbing Missouri say?

Three derelict billboards sit on the edge of the town of Ebbing at the start of the film. They become Mildreds inspiration to keep her daughters death in the mind of the police and her neighbors. In order, the billboards say: Still No Arrests? How Come, Chief Willoughby? Raped While Dying.

What is the message of three billboards outside ebbing Missouri?

But thats not how I see it. Three Billboards Outside Ebbing, Missouri posits a dark world where people hurt each other, almost indiscriminately. There is great cruelty in this world, and it can come from characters on either side of the internal “issue” of the movie – the eponymous billboards.

Did Dixon kill his mother in three billboards?

In Three Billboards, set in a small town in rural Missouri, Mildred Hayes (McDormand) is the mother of a daughter, Angela, who has been raped and murdered. The drinking buddy of Dixons suspect? - was in fact the murderer.

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