Question: What is the salary for Group 2?

What are the posts available in Tnpsc Group 2?

TNPSC Group 2 – PostsSI. NOGroup 2A PostsNo. of Posts1Personal Clerk in (other than Law and Finance Department) Secretariat062Steno-Typist in Tamil Nadu Legislative Assembly Secretariat063Personal Clerk in Tamil Nadu Public Service Commission014Assistant in Industries and Commerce Department13016 more rows•19 Aug 2021

What is the salary for Group 4?

TNPSC Group 4 2021 Salary StructureTNPSC Grade 4 2021 Salary ScaleSl no:Name of postSalary Scale2Junior Assistant(non security)(Level 8 ) Rs19,500/- to Rs.62000/-3Junior Assistant (Security)4Bill Collector5 more rows•24 Jun 2021

What is the highest post in Group 2?

As per the 7th pay commission, the minimum salary of TNPSC Group 2 is Rs. 37, 200 and the maximum salary is Rs. 1, 17, 600. The post-wise salary details are given in the table below.

How do I become a MRO officer?

Eligibility for MRO You need to have at-least 55-60 percent with any graduation degree from recognized University. Age limit may range from 18 years to 40 years. However, SC/ST may expect some relaxation in age and percentage.

How can I become a RDO officer?

Rural Development Officer Eligibility CriteriaThe candidate to apply for a post of rural development has to take up the public service commission examination of the concerned state. Only upon passing they can become a rural development officer.The age limit for the post is 21 years to 37 years.

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