Question: Do apex skins affect hitbox?

No Pathfinders skins never affected his hitbox.

Do all Apex characters have the same hitbox?

Hitbox sizes vary for each legend in Apex based on their size. Picking a legend with a smaller hitbox—like Lifeline, Pathfinder, Wattson, and Wraith—may not be as beneficial as one would think due to a passive ability named Low Profile. The perk increases the damage taken by five percent for smaller-sized legends.

Who has the lowest hitbox apex?

With that said, Wraith still continues to have the smallest hitbox in Apex Legends. Despite receiving hitbox changes almost every season, especially major ones in season 8.

Who has the best hitbox in Apex?

Who has the biggest hitbox in Apex Legends?Bangalore – 44 square cm.Bloodhound – 37 square cm.Caustic – 68 square cm.Crypto – 44 square cm.Gibraltar – 79 square cm.Lifeline – 37 square cm.Octane – 38 square cm (approx)Mirage – 44 square cm. •11 Feb 2020

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