Question: Is farcry primal boring?

Far Cry Primal this game got boring quickly. lack of weapons, melee combat sucks, story is bland, taming beasts is easy, repetitive gameplay and top of that ubisoft forcing uplay on us. this game is not even worth for half the price..

Is Far Cry boring?

Because if you look at the actual gameplay of Far Cry 3 in terms of missions and stuff. the game is Boring, Repetitive, Linear, restrictive and has a painfully cliched story with cringey ass characters.

Can you play as a girl in Far Cry Primal?

Best answer: Yes. Dani Rojas, the player character, can be a man or a woman. You can also customize their clothing to some extent.

What animals Can you ride in Far Cry Primal?

There are two base animals that can be rode and both fall under the Apex Predator taming skill. The first is the Brown Bear, which is fairly easy to find in the first area of the map that you explore, near the Wenja village. The second animal you can ride is the Sabretooth Tiger, which is a bit trickier to find.

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