Question: Why did they stop doing drive-in movies?

The decline of the drive-in was directly related to the movement away from Main Street America and towards the mall society, where convenience, times, weather and the idea of all-inclusive became the popular way to enjoy a night out, pushing away the classic night out at the drive-in, Stefanopoulos elaborated.

When did drive-in movies stop?

They become less popular in the 1970s as they switched from first-run Hollywood fare to exploitation films, and by the time home video started appearing, it was the end for the height of the drive-in. As of 2007, there were only 405 drive-ins left operation in the U.S. Thats a 90% drop over three decades.

Are drive ins making a comeback?

Designed for the suburbs of 1950s America, the drive-in theater found a new role in the summer of 2020, as a Covid-safe site for collective entertainment.

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