Question: How old is Thora Birch?

Who is Thora Birch married to?

Michael Benton Adler Thora BirchYears active1988–presentSpouse(s)Michael Benton AdlerParent(s)Carol Connors (mother)Signature4 more rows

Can Thora Birch sing?

By age 9, Birch had her life pretty much figured out - she told the L.A. Times that she planned to become a director by 24, then spend a year ice skating, then spend a year as a policewoman, and, finally, become a singer.

How tall is Thora Birch?

1.63 m Thora Birch/Height

What happens to Enid at the end of Ghost World?

More cryptically, there is also the films ending. “Many interpreted it to mean Enid died by suicide,” says Zwigoff. “I personally thought of the ending as more positive: that shes moving on with her life, that she had faith in herself.” Birchs reading is far bleaker. “Honestly, its a sad film, to me,” she says.

How old is Omri Katz?

45 years (May 30, 1976) Omri Katz/Age

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