Question: When should I start fertilizing my tomato plants?

Tomatoes should be first fertilized when you plant them in the garden. You can then wait until they set fruit to start fertilizing again. After the tomato plants start growing fruit, add light fertilizer once every one to two weeks until the first frost kills the plant.

When should I feed my tomato plants nitrogen?

Nitrogen can go into the gardening bed as a side dressing three weeks after planting and three weeks later to help keep the plants strong. Just 1/2 cup of bone meal will add needed phosphorus to the soil. Kelp meal can boost potassium levels in a struggling tomato plant.

How much fertilizer do tomato plants need?

First, experts recommend that you apply about 3 pounds of complete fertilizer to tomato plants when preparing the bed for planting in the spring, which should be tilled to a depth of 12 inches. This will ensure that your beds are chock-full of nutrition, an essential step in growing healthy tomatoes.

What happens if you feed tomato plants too early?

Remember that this is only when seeds are started in media that doesnt contain nutrients. Giving tomato seedlings too much food, too early in the growth cycle, will reduce their root growth.

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