Question: Why is exploitation immoral?

One school of thought in the philosophical litera- ture says that exploitation is wrong because it is coercive; the exploited are forced to benefit others, and that is not just. 1 But another group holds that exploitation is wrong because it degrades its victims; they are treated as means, not ends.

What does exploitation mean in ethics?

Exploitation is a potent moral category: to engage in exploitation is, by definition, wrong. Exploitation can be defined roughly as taking unfair advantage of someone elses vulnerability.

What is considered exploitation?

Exploitation is the abuse of a child where some form of remuneration is involved or whereby the perpetrators benefit in some manner – monetarily, socially, politically, etc. Exploitation constitutes a form of coercion and violence, detrimental to the childs physical and mental health, development, and education.

Is a form of exploitation?

Sexual exploitation can be the form of exploitation, such as through prostitution or pornography, or it can be a means of control such as with sexual servitude or other forced sexual services. Sexual exploitation can exist in private homes, brothels, massage parlours, or nightclubs.

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