Question: Where is Carey Mulligan now?

Is Carey Mulligan still acting?

Mulligan made her professional acting debut on stage in the 2004 Kevin Elyot play Forty Winks at the Royal Court Theatre....Carey MulliganEducationInternational School of Düsseldorf Woldingham SchoolOccupationActressYears active2004–presentSpouse(s)Marcus Mumford ​ ( m. 2012)​4 more rows

Where do Carey Mulligan and Marcus live?

Devon, England Less than a year after they officially began dating, the pair was married by Marcuss parents in 2012 and settled down in Devon, England. Careys friend and fellow actress Sienna Miller revealed to Vogue that both Carey and Marcus come from very solid families and have a real sense of the life they want to live.

Where in the West Country does Carey Mulligan live?

Devon Carey Mulligan and her husband Marcus Mumford live in a stunning farmhouse in Devon, along with their two children, Evelyn and Wilfred.

Is Shia LaBeouf dating Margaret Qualley?

Shia LaBeouf and Margaret Qualley have called it quits, a source tells PEOPLE, as the Transformers actor faces allegations of abuse from his ex-girlfriend, singer FKA Twigs. They broke up on Saturday.

Did Shia LaBeouf tattoo his chest?

Actor Shia LaBeouf got his entire chest tattooed, permanently, for his new movie, The Tax Collector. Ayer told SlashFilm earlier this year, “Hes one of the best actors Ive worked with, and hes the most committed to body and soul.

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