Question: What went wrong with Dr Dolittle?

The movie Dolittle was plagued by reshoots They demanded multiple reshoots and tried to infuse more humor, but the result wound up being a confusing mess with too much crass, gross-out humor that was also tragically unfunny.

Did Dolittle do well?

Dolittle is this years third-biggest grossing movie and yet (thanks to a budget of $175 million), is $243 million cume renders it one of 2020s biggest flops. The film earned $77 million domestic from a $28 million Fri-Sun domestic launch and earned $243 million worldwide (including China).

Why did they make Dr Dolittle white?

The New York Times says Bumpo wanted to become white so that Sleeping Beauty, the beloved fairy tale princess, would be willing to marry him. Dr. Dolittle reluctantly agrees to help Bumpo change his skin color by bleaching his skin white.

Is a push me pull you real?

Push Me Pull You was developed by four friends from Melbourne as the indie developer House House. They have said that the game is about friendship and wrestling. The game was named for the two-headed llama pushmi-pullyu from Doctor Dolittle, and was originally planned for release in 2014.

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