Question: When should a 9 month old go to bed?

What time should a 9 month old go to bed? A typical bedtime at this age is 12 - 13 hours after waking in the morning. For example, if your baby wakes around 7:00 AM, then youll want to target a 7:00 PM - 8:00 PM bedtime.

Should a 9 month old sleep through the night?

At 9-months-old, babies can definitely sleep through the night and no longer need nighttime feedings. If your baby has started to crawl, dont be surprised if she would rather practice her new skill rather than sleep.

How do I know if babys bedtime is too late?

Clues a Baby Bedtime Is Too LateShe fights falling asleep for 30 to 60 minutes.Shes moody and irritable and falls asleep during the day in the car or stroller.She takes naps over 2 hours long.Shes clearly overtired at bedtime (rubbing her eyes, blinking, yawning, cranky).

How much food should 9 month old eat?

Feeding guide for the first year (9 to 12 months)Item9 monthsBreastfeeding or formula3 to 5 feedings per day or 30 to 32 ounces per dayDry infant cereal with iron5 to 8tbs. any variety mixed with formulaFruits2 to 4 tbs., strained or soft mashed/2 times per day5 more rows

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