Question: How do you win at judo?

Athletes, or judokas, win a match by either achieving ippon, gaining two scores of waza-ari (and hence ippon) or having accumulated more points than the opponent by the end of a bout. If the scores are identical at the end of a bout, a period of Golden Score ensues.

How do you score in judo?

To score an ippon, one has to throw other on his back with impetus and control. However, if the throwing is done with lesser force then it results in a waza-ari. An ippon or two waza-ari is sufficient to win the match.

What are the main rules of judo?

Judo - RulesIntentionally harming an opponent is abandoned.One cannot punch or kick his opponent.You cannot touch the opponents face.Attacking the joints other than elbows is not allowed.Head dives are also not permitted.Some techniques like Kawazu gake and Kami basami are not allowed.

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