Question: Does everyone have a small belly?

Myth or Fact: Thin people have naturally smaller stomachs than people who are heavy. Answer: Myth. While it may seem hard to believe, the size of the stomach does not correlate with weight or weight control.

Is it normal to have a little belly fat?

— -- intro: A little bit of belly fat is actually good for you: it protects your stomach, intestines, and other delicate organs. But too much fat is anything but healthy.

Is not having a flat stomach normal?

Because lets be real, every body is a bikini body. And, while a quick scroll might make you stress about not having abs of steel, its total BS. EVERYONE has days where they feel bloated, or strong, or skinny, or whatever. And its completely normal.

Does everyone have a belly when they sit down?

Fitness Blogger Anna Victoria Proves Its Normal To Have Rolls When You Sit Down. Everyone has bad angles, but thats not what defines us. A fitness blogger has shown that even women who have chiseled abs have stomach rolls when they sit down - and thats absolutely okay.

Is it possible to have a small stomach?

While its not possible to shrink your stomach, it is possible to change how your stomach adjusts to hunger and feelings of fullness. Researchers have found that over time, you can become accustomed to feeling fuller with smaller amounts of food.

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