Question: Why is I want to eat your pancreas the title?

The character Sakura has an illness, her pancreas is diseased. According to what the manga says it might be pancreatic cancer.

What is the theme of I want to eat your pancreas?

One of the themes that runs through “Pancreas” is that the people we become and the connections we make arent the result of fate or fluke, but the thousands of choices, large and small, we make going through life. Its a nice sentiment, and proof “Pancreas” isnt just empty melodramatic calories.

Is I want to eat your pancreas similar to your name?

Very similar in terms of animation and art style. I want to eat your pancreas revolves a lot around books, whilst Your lie in April is more about music. Both the female and male protagonists from these series are very similar. It looks like this. Ill recommend you after watching the YLIA, watch this movie.

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