Question: Are Hammer points still in Apex?

Why is Hammerpoint being removed in Apex Legends Season 9? Usable with the Mozambique and P2020, the Hammerpoint Rounds hop-up greatly increases damage to unshielded enemies. However, the Hammerpoint hop-up is being removed in Season 9 and an Apex developer has shed some light on why its being vaulted.

Is Hammer point being removed?

The Hammerpoint hop-up in Apex Legends is sadly being removed for Season 9 of the Battle Royale. Theres a lot to be excited about in Apex Legends Season 9 though – Valkyrie, a new permanent mode (Arenas), and more.

Why did they remove Hammer points?

One of the developers took to Reddit to explain that this is because theyre buffing Mozambique in Season 9. They decided that they wanted to avoid making the Mozambique “overpowered” by keeping the Hammerpoint in-game. Another reason was that they wanted to make room for the new Bocek Bow hop-ups.

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