Question: What broke Sophies curse?

While in the castle, Sophie meets Calcifer, a fire demon, and learns of the contract that keeps him locked inside Howls Castle. The fire demon promises to break Sophies curse if she agrees to free him from the contract with Howl.

When did Sophies curse get broken?

When Howl and Sophie declare their love for each other, the curse was broken with the residual effect Sophie had beautiful silvery hair like “starlight”. Someone pointed out in the book that the curse was horrific. A 19 year old girl was instantly turned into a 90 year old woman complete with arthritis.

Why does Howl fall in love with Sophie?

Howl, who is so vain, falls in love with Sophie knowing that she is under a curse and that he cant know her real face for sure until shes disenchanted (though he has a pretty good guess that, under the seventy extra years, shes the shy girl whom he met during May Day).

Was turnip-head Sophies soulmate?

Howls Moving Castle (Movie) Turnip-Head seems to take quite a liking to Sophie and follows her everywhere, popping up here and there throughout the movie.

What happened to the Witch of the Wastes?

The Witch of the Waste is far more terrifying in the novel as she serves as the antagonist. In her first appearance in the novel, she curses Sophie by turning her into an old woman (she mistakes her for Lettie). Near the end of the novel, Howl kills the Witch when arriving at the Waste to rescue Sophie.

Does Sophie break her curse?

Sophie defeats Miss Angorian, breaking her own curse, and freeing both Wizard Suliman and Prince Justin. After the preceding events end, Howl and Sophie admit their feelings for one another and agree to live together.

Why did Howls hair turn orange?

Sophie went and organized his hair coloring products (like he said not to) Howls hair is naturally black he dyes his hair blonde. When he rushed out of the bathroom this hair was a bright orange because his products werent in the order he was used to, so by instinct he chose the wrong bottle.

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