Question: What to do after peeling green?

What should you not do after a green peel?

Do not expose your skin to any water. Its also essential you tone your skin and moisturize it regularly for optimal results. Its perfectly normal to feel the heat on your skin after the Green Peel. Itchiness is a common side effect that clients report, as well, in addition to some redness and swelling.

Can I wash my face after a green peel?

Remember if you are having a short series of peeling done you must continue on a specific skin care regimen. Please avoid: Any activity that could flush the herbal particles out of your skin, such as: face in shower, heavy perspiration, steam, swimming or any other activity around water.

What does a green peel do?

The Energy Green Peel is used to treat age-related skin conditions, impurities, pale skin, scars and pigmentation such as hyperpigmentation. The Classic Green Peel is used to treat large-pored skin, impure skin, scars, premature wrinkle formation, sun-damaged skin, and hyperpigmentation.

Is Green Peel painful?

No, the treatment is not painful. Only during the Green Peel Classic our clients might experience a slight stinging feeling which is well tolerated.

Is Green Peel worth?

Because its gentle, you might need multiple Green Peel treatments to achieve your desired results. No independent clinical studies vouch for the efficacy or safety of this treatment. Among RealSelf members, satisfaction is mixed, with only 66% saying its “Worth It.”

Can you wear makeup after green peel?

Can I wear Makeup after the treatment? No, make-up may not be used until after the follow-up treatment with active ingredients. Does the original Green Peel Classic make skin thinner? No, as the herbal peeling treatment activates the skins own regeneration processes, such negative effects cannot occur.

Is Green Peel Safe?

Recognised worldwide, The Green Peel® is proven to be a highly safe and successful method of non-invasive skin resurfacing. The Green Peel® CLASSIC involves a 5-day treatment cycle using a unique compound of natural herbs without any chemical additives.

Does green peel work?

No, GREEN PEEL® has an optimal comedolytic effect on impure skin or with acne. But it has more skills than this. GREEN PEEL® is perfectly suitable for wrinkles, loss of tension of the skin, for anti-aging treatments as well as pre-aging treatments, for pregnancy stretch marks or scars.

How often can you do a green peel?

The Green peel can be done as frequently as every 2 weeks or can form part of a monthly peel programme. This is to allow the skin sufficient time to recover before your next treatment.

When can I wash my face after a green peel?

It feels weird to not splash water on my face. You are not to use water on your skin until your follow up facial which is 5-7 days later. I am having mine done on Tuesday.

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