Question: Is Hina Death Tokyo Revengers?

Naoto tells Takemichi that his actions in the past dramatically changed the future: he and Takemichi have not spoken since middle school, Takemichi is a top admin in Toman, and Hina was still killed when Akkun crashed his car into hers.

Is Akkun alive Tokyo Revengers?

Akkun proceeds to stand at the top of the ledge and tells Takemichi that he admires him for standing his ground, going back to the past to save Hina. He then turns to Takemichi and tells him to save all of them and jumps to his death. Akkun died.

Did Emma die in Tokyo Revengers?

Ordered by Izana, Emma gets attacked by Kisaki and killed. Before allowing herself to die on the back of her brother.

Who broke up with Hina Tokyo Revengers?

Hina is one of the few people Takemichi relays on for support, the other being Chifuyu. It the first timeline shes the one too dump him, however in the second timeline Takemichi breaks up with her, however it is said she never moved on and kept the necklace he gave her.

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