Question: How many boxes were there in Draculas room?

Harker scales the walls of the castle himself, enters the Counts empty room, and discovers a crypt in the chapel, wherein fifty boxes with earth are stored; in one of them, he finds the Count, who has just fed on blood. Harker tries to hit him with a shovel, but the blow is diverted by the Counts hypnotic powers.

How many boxes does Dracula have?

50 boxes Draculas main plan was to move each of his 50 boxes of earth to his various properties in order to arrange multiple lairs throughout and around the perimeter of London.

How many boxes of earth are the gypsies taking from Draculas Castle?

fifty boxes Discovering a dark, winding stairway, Harker follows it and encounters fifty boxes of earth in a tunnel-like passage. Harker opens several of the boxes and discovers the count in one of them, either dead or asleep.

How many boxes are taken to Carfax from Castle Dracula?

The Story So Far. If you recall, in Chapter 18, our team of vampire hunters: Van Helsing, Quincey, and Dr. Seward, and Jonathan Harker, decide to break into Draculas manor, Carfax and look for the fifty boxes of dirt that Dracula had shipped from Transylvania.

Where does Harker Discover Draculas coffin?

Harker climbs back to his own room and from there he hears the boxes and coffins being loaded into wagons in the courtyard at the front of the castle. He realizes that Draculas own coffin must have been loaded up with the rest—so Harker is alone in the castle with Draculas brides.

What does Van Helsing do in Draculas castle?

Van Helsing is able to cleanse Draculas castle and kill the three vampire women, returning them to an eternal state of purity and innocence.

Why did Dracula want to move to England?

Dracula wants to move to England because it was, at the time, the center of the worlds most powerful empire. Britain was the most admired and feared superpower in the world, and its culture was envied and emulated. For someone as ambitious as Count Dracula, it would be the natural place to move.

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