Question: Are Gauss rifles explosive?

The Gauss rifle fires an explosive projectile that deal explosive area-of-effect damage. This enables the Gauss rifle to hit multiple targets with a single shot, provided they are clustered together in very close proximity to each other.

Is the Gauss shotgun explosive?

The Gauss shotgun is a powerful shotgun with damage superior to other firearms in its class. Like the Gauss rifle, the Gauss shotgun can be charged to increase the damage of fired rounds....Weapon modifications.CollapseBarrel+0.35–Plan: Gauss shotgun extended barrelAdhesive x2 Aluminum x6 Screw x4 Spring x6005893644 more columns

Is the Gauss Rifle good?

The gauss rifle is easily the best rifle weapon found throughout the game. It can either be fired rapidly by using the trigger as fast as possible or can be charged up to deal more damage. With a base damage count of 110, the gauss rifle is nothing to be taken lightly out in the wasteland.

How much is the Gauss shotgun?

Buy it for gold from Samuel. Costs 200 gullion.

Does Grenadier affect Gauss shotgun?

No, it only affects native explosive weapons - the two grenade launchers, missile launcher and fat man.

Can you trade Gauss minigun?

As with other Wastelanders weapons only accessible with gold bullion, Gauss miniguns cannot be traded, dropped, or sold to vendors.

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