Question: How is abnormal EEG treated?

What causes an EEG to be abnormal?

Abnormal results on an EEG test may be due to: Abnormal bleeding (hemorrhage) An abnormal structure in the brain (such as a brain tumor) Tissue death due to a blockage in blood flow (cerebral infarction)

Is abnormal EEG bad?

Yes, EEG can be bad for you. The consequences of being misdiagnosed with epilepsy are obvious and serious [9]. When the diagnosis is based largely on an abnormal EEG, no amount of subsequent normal EEGs will cancel the previous abnormal one, and the wrong diagnosis is very difficult to undo.

Can an abnormal EEG become normal?

Approximately one-half of all EEGs done for patients with seizures are interpreted as normal. Even someone who has seizures every week can have a normal EEG test.

Does an abnormal EEG always mean epilepsy?

This means that sometimes the EEG is described as abnormal (that is not normal brain activity) but does not prove that the person has epilepsy. To complicate this further, some people have abnormal EEGs but do not have epilepsy.

Will EEG show previous seizure?

An EEG can usually show if you are having a seizure at the time of the test, but it cant show what happens to your brain at any other time. So even though your test results might not show any unusual activity it does not rule out having epilepsy.

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