Question: What is the best Gauss weapon fallout 76?

The Gauss Minigun is arguably one of the best Heavy Guns you can possibly acquire, and with the right build (and legendary version) you can pretty much mow down a mountain like its grass.

Is the Gauss Pistol any good Fallout 76?

Personally, my favorite pistol out of ALL the Fallout 76 pistols is the Gauss. It does stupid amounts of damage, has a crazy good range, and the explosive damage just makes it nuttier than ever. Not the easies to acquire, but definitely one of the best to use.

Is the Gauss shotgun any good?

The Gauss Shotgun in Fallout 76 is definitely a must have weapon for anyone who specializes with Shotgun builds. This gun absolutely decimates enemies, but not only at a close range but ALSO at an insanely far range… its pretty much a sniper while using VATS.

Is Gauss shotgun a heavy weapon?

The Gauss shotgun is a powerful shotgun with damage superior to other firearms in its class. Like the Gauss rifle, the Gauss shotgun can be charged to increase the damage of fired rounds....Weapon modifications.CollapseBarrelShielded barrelImproved range.––4 more columns

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