Question: Why is my iPhone asking me to change my Apple ID password?

Once the credential stuffers start working with the stolen credentials, they get plugged in to iCloud accounts. This prompts a password reset, which sends the aforementioned scary-looking notification to your phone. But, again, the fact that its sent to your phone means that your device is secure.

Why does my iPhone keep asking me to change my Apple ID password?

Its possible your iPhone keeps asking for your Apple ID password because its running an outdated version of iOS. Go to Settings -> General -> Software Update and check to see if an iOS update is available. Tap Download and Install if an iOS update is available on your iPhone!

Does Apple ask you to change your Apple ID password?

Yes, but that might be the problem, once upon a time Apple didnt require a password to meet the requirements I posted. Are you saying you have already changed the password at some point recently, in that case the password should be good, you might try signing out of and back into your account.

Why does my iPhone 7 keep asking for my Apple ID password?

After updating to the latest iOS version, your iPhone may continuously ask for your Apple ID password. The possible reasons behind this issue could be a failed download or a problem with your account settings in iCloud, iMessage, FaceTime, or the App Store.

Why am I being asked to change my password?

If theres suspicious activity in your Google Account or we detect that your password has been stolen, we may ask you to change your password. By changing your password, you help make sure that only you can use your account.

Can you help me change my password?

Change your password At the top, tap Security. Under Signing in to Google, tap Password. You might need to sign in. Enter your new password, then tap Change Password.

Why do I keep getting Apple ID verification texts?

Answer: A: Someone may be trying to log into your account, but since you have 2 Factor Authentication enabled on the account, they wont be able to sign in unless they have access to one of your trusted devices. The only thing you can do to try and stop them is change the email address that is your Apple ID.

Why does Apple ID verification keeps popping up on my phone?

If your Apple ID verification keeps popping up for no apparent reason you cannot sign into your iCloud account. The problem can usually be fixed with a software update or resetting your iCloud settings and information.

What does it mean when it says your Apple ID is locked?

security reasons If your Apple ID is locked or disabled, you wont be able to sign in to any Apple services. If you or someone else enters your password, security questions, or other account information incorrectly too many times, Apple automatically locks your ‌Apple ID‌ for security reasons.

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