Question: How much are gashapon in Japan?

Prices range from 200 yen to up to 400 or 500 yen depending on the merchandise inside. Most machines only take 100-yen coins, so make sure you have appropriate change. If you are in an arcade or area with lots of machines, there may be a change maker close.

How can I buy gachapon from Japan?

Ebay is a good place to look for full gachapon sets from Japan at a fair price. Seller (Japan) offers many sets, including these 5 pastel circus Cinnamoroll capsule toys. Looking for a surprise set of gachapon? With the Gacha Gacha Crate youll receive a subscription box filled with 6 gachapon capsule toys.

How much is gachapon in Japan?

While American coin-operated vending toys are usually cheap, low-quality products sold for a few quarters (US$1 or less), Japanese gashapon can cost anywhere from ¥100–500 (US$1–5) and are normally a much higher-quality product.

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