Question: Can we trust AnTuTu benchmark?

Yeah, benchmarks are a pretty good indication of the stronger hardware in a device. AnTuTu is a great performance benchmark tool. You should rely on them up to the point that it makes sense. But, real world tests and experience will trump performance scores any day.

Are benchmarks accurate?

However, its quite widely accepted that benchmark tests dont often accurately reflect real world applications. Clearly, the majority of the benchmarks are testing hardware far in excess of anything that users will experience with an actual app.

What is the best CPU benchmark?

HWMonitor. Hardware monitoring goes cost-free. 3DMark. Popular gaming benchmark suite thats handy for overclockers. UserBenchmark. All-in one benchmarking suite. Cinebench. CPU-centric benchmarking solution at its best. Geekbench. One of the best benchmarking applications for Windows. MSI Afterburner.23 Aug 2021

Which is the best benchmark for Android?

Best Benchmarking Apps for Android3DMark — The Gamers Benchmark. GFXBench Benchmark. Disk Speed / Performance Test. PCMark for Android Benchmark. Basemark GPU. Linpack. AndroBench (Storage Benchmark) CF-Bench. Chainfire brought one of the most popular benchmarking tools to test the CPU of your device.

What is the best benchmark for smartphone?

5 Best Benchmark Application for Smartphone Besides AnTuTuGeekbench. Geekbench is a benchmarking app made to measure a processors performance on macOS, Windows, Linux, Android, and iOS. 3DMark. PCMark for Android. GFXBench. Basemark GPU Mobile.

Which series of Samsung is best?

These are the best Samsung phones available todaySamsung Galaxy S21. The best Samsung phone for most people. Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra. The best premium Samsung phone. Samsung Galaxy S20 FE 5G. The best mid-range Samsung phone. Samsung Galaxy A52 5G. The best budget Samsung phone. Samsung Galaxy Note 20 Ultra 5G.7 Sep 2021

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