Question: What is corona Power Systems?

Corona effect or corona discharge in transmission lines and power system may be defined as: The phenomenon of violet glow, hissing noise and production of ozone gas in an overhead transmission line is known as corona.

How the corona forms in power systems and write the advantages and disadvantages?

Disadvantages & Advantages of Corona Effect: Ozone gas is produced due to the formation of corona, which chemically reacts with the conductor and causes corrosion. The power loss due to corona is undesirable and uneconomical. The efficiency of transmission line is highly reduced due to the loss of power or energy.

What is corona What are the factors which affect corona?

There are many factors affecting such corona formation. The investigated factors were the interspacing between the two points, gap length between the point and the plane, ambient temperature, relative humidity, polarity or frequency of the applied voltage, and electrode material.

What is corona loss in transmission line?

Corona appears in the transmission line when the surface voltage gradient at the line conductor reaches the breakdown stress. Due to corona, heat and bluish light produce. There is a loss of power and energy dissipation. This loss is known as the corona loss.

What is the conclusion of COVID-19?

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