Question: What does the hammer mean in Apex?

The Hammer means taking every single Apex test that you or anyone else has created and running it twice.

What does the hammer badge mean in Apex?

The 4K Damage Badge is awarded to players that deal 4,000 damage in a single match. The 4K Damage Badge is represented by a pair of crossed hammers on a vibrant blue background. Only a select few Apex Legends players have earned this elusive badge.

How do you get the hammer in Apex?

After you earn your Heirloom Shards, you can purchase Caustics hammer after the Aftermarket event has concluded. Just go to the Store tab and select the Heirlooms tab in the middle to reveal all the heirlooms you can purchase with these shards.

How much is an apex heirloom?

Once the event is done, youll have to rely on packs to get it. However, purchasing 24 packs at 700 Apex Coins each will mean players are required to spend around $160 to guarantee themselves the heirloom.

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