Question: How much does a Honda CT125 cost?

The CT125 is available in two colours, Glowing Red and Matte Fresco Brown, but comes at a surprisingly high price of $6,999 plus on-road costs.

How fast does the Honda CT125 go?

At the same time, the Trail 125 will move up to speed linearly and predictably. I managed a top speed of 56 mph on a paved downgrade, but that isnt the sweet spot. I enjoy it most between 35 and 45 mph on the pavement, and 15 to 25 mph on the dirt.

Does CT125 have low range?

The low-range, four-speed gearbox is set up for the rigors of off-road work, and since the overall drive ratio is different, the top speed necessarily will be as well.

What is the top speed of a Honda Grom?

Top Speed: 58 mph (Est.)

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