Question: What is Utsukushii?

The Japanese word utsukushii means beautiful, pretty, lovely, fine, handsome, good-looking, or charming. (Click on the link here and below to hear the correct pronunciation of the word or phrase.) It is written in Japanese characters, or kanji, as: 美しい (うつくしい)

What is the difference between kirei and Utsukushii?

“utsukushii うつくしい” means beautiful. “kirei きれい” means either clean or beautiful.

What do you call a beautiful Japanese woman?

Bijin (美人) is a Japanese term which literally means a beautiful person and is synonymous with bijyo (美女, beautiful woman).

What is Ureshii?

Learn Japanese vocabulary: 嬉しい 【うれしい】(ureshii). Meaning: happy; glad; pleased; delighted. Type: Adjective, い-adjective.

What is Muzukashii?

Muzukashii is a Japanese word meaning hard or difficult.

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