Question: Whats it called when you live in the middle of nowhere?

Synonyms for middle of nowhere. boondocks, boonies.

Whats another word for in the middle of nowhere?

What is another word for middle of nowhere?one-horse townbackwaterthe back of beyondisolated placesleepy townback of beyondremote placesticksthe middle of nowheresecluded spot45 more rows

What place is in the middle of nowhere?

The middle of nowhere is not actually in Wyoming. The real location is in Montana — and parts of Idaho. Thats a comforting thought after the traumatic event I had been through. In February, The Washington Post reported the middle of nowhere is located in Glasgow, Montana.

How do you describe the middle of nowhere?

If you say that a place is in the middle of nowhere, you mean that it is a long way from other places. At dusk we pitched camp in the middle of nowhere.

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