Question: What is a Nemophilist?

Nemophilist: a person who loves or is fond of woods or forests.

Whats a Nemophilist meaning?

Filters. (rare) One who is fond of forests or forest scenery; a haunter of the woods. noun.

What is a Retrophile?

One who loves that which is from or characteristic of the past. noun.

What does haunter mean?

someone who regularly spends time in a particular place. shes been a haunter of bookstores since her college days.

What is a wanderlust person?

(wɒndəʳlʌst ) uncountable noun. Someone who has wanderlust has a strong desire to travel. His wanderlust would not allow him to stay long in one spot. Synonyms: restlessness, itchy feet [informal], urge to travel, unsettledness More Synonyms of wanderlust.

What is a Discophile?

: one who studies and collects phonograph records or CDs.

Is haunter a good Pokemon?

With decent coverage and good Speed, Haunter makes for a very potent offensive Pokemon. Shadow Ball is a powerful STAB move and hits the common Psychic- and Ghost-types of the tier for super effective damage. Eelektross pairs well with Haunter because it can defeat Mandibuzz and most Ground-types with little trouble.

What Pokemon is gengar?

Known as the shadow Pokemon, Gengar is a member of the original 151 Pokemon. Originally Gengar was a pure ghost-type, but, upon the release of Pokémon Gold and Silver and the introduction of dual type Poémon, Gengar became a ghost and poison-type Pokémon.

Is Wanderlust a mental disorder?

Wanderlust may reflect an intense urge for self-development by experiencing the unknown, confronting unforeseen challenges, getting to know unfamiliar cultures, ways of life and behaviours or may be driven by the desire to escape and leave behind depressive feelings of guilt, and has been linked to bipolar disorder in ...

What is the meaning of Moonchild?

noun, plural moon·chil·dren. a person born under the zodiacal sign of Cancer.

What do you call a person who loves friends?

Gregarious may be the word youre looking for; calling someone gregarious usually implies that they are friendly or amiable, but also that they particularly enjoy socializing.

Who can defeat Haunter?

To defeat Haunter in Pokemon Go you must take advantage of its Type Weakness(es). Being a Ghost/Poison Type, Haunter is vulnerable against Dark, Ground, Ghost and Psychic Type Moves.

Is Haunter better than Gengar?

Haunter was also badass in the anime. I like Gengar more in terms of competitive though and his mega is also pretty cool. But at the same time i used a haunter without evolving it and it was also really good surprisingly.

Is Gengar an evil Pokemon?

Gengar, also known as the Shadow Pokémon, is a dual Ghost/Poison-type Pokémon introduced in the first generation. It is the final evolution of the Gastly line, evolving from Haunter when traded. While Gengar is not a sinister Pokémon by nature, there were many instances of where Gengar served as villains.

Is Gengar a legendary?

Gengar is one of the best attackers in Pokémon GO. It has a massive legendary-tier attack stat of 261, which ranks 10th in the list of highest attack stats in the game as of now.

Why do I feel wanderlust?

Sometimes we experience wanderlust because we want to get away from the familiar, and travel represents the best way to do it. If youre feeling the urge to pack up your life and run to somewhere else, there are good scientific reasons for that sensation, from a need for novelty to a potential genetic push.

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