Question: Can you drink green fairy straight?

Its produced like gin, and some say that its essentially a flavoured vodka. Its incredibly strong – theres normally between 55 and 75% of alcohol per serving. Thats why you really shouldnt just take a shot. You shouldnt even drink it straight from a glass.

What drink is called the Green Fairy?

Absinthe Absinthe, or The Green Fairy, has been blamed for murder, insanity, and the decay of French society. It was banned for almost a century, but the notorious spirit is making a big comeback. Its time to learn how to drink absinthe...

What does absinthe smell like?

Absinthe Scent An aromatic blend of just the right combination of star anise, fennel, spicy cinnamon cassia, nutmeg, melissa, fresh green herbal notes with base notes of amber and woods.

How do you drink green fairy?

Pour the absinthe into a glass. Slowly introduce cold water. Enjoy the louche effect – when the emerald green liquid transforms into a cloudy colour. Add a little syrup or sugar to taste.

Whats wrong with absinthe?

Absinthe is an extremely potent liquor, believed to cause hallucinations along with intense euphoria. Its also believed to have other dangerous consequences such as those caused from acute alcohol intoxication. The truth is, absinthe is as dangerous as any other stiff drink.

Can you legally buy absinthe?

Is Absinthe Legal in the US? In the United States, real Absinthe is not a controlled substance but its sale in bars and liquor stores is banned. Absinthe is, however, legal to purchase and possess in the United States. In most of the European Union, absinthe may be sold as long as it stays at 35mg limit of thujone.

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