Question: What are some of the key characteristics that make atypical Parkinsons disease look different?

What are some of the key characteristics that make a typical Parkinsons disease look different?

Stiffness and slow movement The difference with PD is that the stiffness and slowness it causes dont go away as you get up and start your day. Stiffness of the limbs (rigidity) and slow movement (bradykinesia) appear early on with PD. These symptoms are caused by the impairment of the neurons that control movement.

Which of the following atypical Parkinsons diseases features vivid visual hallucination?

Akinetic-rigid movement disorder may already be present at the time of diagnosis, but develops over the course of the illness in the majority of cases. Diagnosis: Typical clinical features include progressive dementia, fluctuating cognition, vivid visual hallucinations, and a parkinsonian syndrome (5).

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