Question: What are breast cancer drains?

Drains are long tubes that are inserted into your breast area or armpit to collect excess fluid that can accumulate in the space where the tumor was. The tubes have plastic bulbs on the ends to create suction, which helps the fluid to exit your body.

How long do breast drains stay in?

You will have the drain(s) for at least 5 days and up to 3 weeks. Your drain will come out when the drainage is less than 30 millilitres (just over 2 tablespoons) in 24 hours for 2 days in a row. A nurse can remove your drain. You may take pain medication 30 to 60 minutes before the drain is removed.

What does breast cancer drainage look like?

The drainage will be bright red at first then pinkish then clear yellow. Bring the JP DRAIN RECORD to the surgeons office for every visit.

How does a breast drain work?

The drain bottle or bellows works using a vacuum (sucking pressure) to gently remove the fluid. While you are in hospital we will regularly measure the volume of liquid that is collected through the drain. This is called the drain output.

How do you shower after breast cancer surgery?

Getting Your Incision Wet Keep your incision clean and dry for 1 week after surgery. You may need to take sponge baths rather than showers. Bathing in a bathtub is OK if you keep the incision area dry. Small pieces of tape will remain over the incision.

Do you have drains with a lumpectomy?

3 You will not usually need a drainage tube if you are undergoing a surgical biopsy, lumpectomy, or a sentinel node biopsy. The location of your drains will depend on the surgery you have, but often includes a drain at your mastectomy site and one in your armpit if you have lymph nodes removed.

How soon can I drive after breast cancer surgery?

Some insurance policies give specific time limits for not driving after surgery. Contact your insurance company to let them know you have had an operation. Most people are ready to drive about 4 weeks after their operation. Do not drive unless you feel in full control of the car.

How do you take care of breast cancer after surgery?

Its a normal part of the healing process and should lessen six to eight weeks after your surgery. If the swelling is uncomfortable and feels heavy, wearing a supportive bra day and night can help. If the swelling doesnt go away, talk to your breast care nurse.

How do you shower with a drain tube?

You may shower after you remove the bandage but dont take a tub bath or submerge the area in water (such as in a bathtub or swimming pool) until your incision is completely closed and there is no drainage. Wash the site gently with soap and rinse the area with warm water. Pat the area dry.

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