Question: Why does Todoroki not use his fire?

9 Why He Doesnt Use The Fire Side Of His Quirk More Despite this, for a long time Todoroki almost exclusively used his ice skills and ignored his fire side. This is because that half of Todorokis Quirk is inherited by his father, Endeavor, who he has grown to hate because of how hes treated their family.

Can Todoroki use flames?

After battling Izuku Midoriya during the U.A. Sports Festival Arc and talking with his mother, Rei Todoroki, Shoto finally began to accept and embrace his left side, becoming able to produce large-scale fire attacks like walls of flames. Shotos flames at full power.

Is Todoroki flame resistant?

Todoroki doesnt even have an immunity to his own fire. The whole point of his quirk is to counter him overheating and getting frostbite.

Will Todoroki be able to use fire on both sides?

Thanks to the powers inherited from his father and mother, Todorokis Quirk, known as Half-Cold Half-Hot, lets him use both ice and fire, and he can use them at the same time as well. On the contrary, Todorokis abilities work the best when used alongside, or one right after the other.

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