Question: What is the root of the word discretion?

Discretion traces back to the Latin verb discernere, to separate, to discern, from the prefix dis-, off, away, plus cernere, separate, sift. If you use discretion, you sift away what is not desirable, keeping only the good.

What is the etymology of the word discretion?

1400, prudence, sagacity regarding ones conduct, from Old French discrecion and directly from Medieval Latin discretionem (nominative discretio) discernment, power to make distinctions, in classical Latin separation, distinction, noun of state from past-participle stem of discernere to separate, distinguish ( ...

What is the root of the word include?

include (v.) early 15c., to shut (someone or something) in materially, enclose, imprison, confine, also to have (something) as a constituent part, from Latin includere to shut in, enclose, imprison, insert, from in- in (from PIE root *en in) + claudere to shut (see close (v.)).

What is the root of the word original?

Original comes from the Latin word originem, which means beginning or birth. Whether youre using it as an adjective to describe something that is literally the very first, or as a noun meaning something that serves as a model for making copies, original means first. Even when you describe an original idea, meaning ...

What does at someones discretion mean?

: done if, how, when, etc., someone chooses to do it. You can cancel the service at your (own) discretion. Exactly how much to tip a server is at the discretion of the customer.

Does including mean in addition to?

include Add to list Share. The verb include means to consider as a part of something. The verb include also means adding something (or someone) to a category or group. Once you try bungee jumping, you might want to include, or add, that to your list of favorite things.

What is the root word for against?

Quick Summary. The origin of the prefix anti- and its variant ant- is an ancient Greek word which meant “against” or “opposite.” These prefixes appear in numerous English vocabulary words, such as antifreeze, antidote, antonym, and antacid.

What does In addition Mean?

in addition. : as something more. in addition to. : along with or together with There was ice cream in addition to cake and pie.

What does in addition to yourself mean?

So in addition to means to add one thing to another, that is, to have or use both. When we say A in addition to B we normally mean that you already have or plan to get B, and someone is saying that you will or should also get A.

What does so original mean?

1 of or relating to an origin or beginning. 2 fresh and unusual; novel.

Does original mean new?

The earliest sense of original was “belonging or pertaining to the origin or beginning of something”; the meaning “new, inventive, novel” dates from the mid-18th century.

What are two synonyms for honest?

synonyms for honestdecent.fair.genuine.impartial.sincere.straightforward.trustworthy.virtuous.

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