Question: How long should you test drive a car for?

Your test drive is most likely to be between 15 and 30 minutes but dont be afraid to ask for longer if you feel you need it. Some dealers offer special extended test drives of 24 or 48 hours from time to time. Even 7-day test drives are not unheard of.

How long should you take a car for a test drive?

You should drive all of the vehicles youre considering on the same day so that you can compare them more easily. Drive them as long as possible—at least 30 minutes—and over different types of road surfaces and in various driving conditions. Plan your own driving route in advance.

Should you test drive a car?

The importance of test driving a car If youre thinking of purchasing a new car, a test drive is a must. Whether the car is new or used, its an important part of thoroughly testing a vehicle and making sure you really want to buy the car. Always remember that a test drive is not a commitment to buy.

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