Question: Can you get banned for teaming apex?

A group of Xbox players have been banned for teaming up in high level games of Apex Legends Ranked mode. To help fix this, when reporting a player in-game, you can flag them for “Cooperating with Enemy.” Its clear that Respawn listens and acts upon these reports.

Can you get banned for teaming?

Any cases of signalling like those listed above will now result in a teaming/collusion penalty. So now, if you team up during competitive play, including fighting together, planning to land together, swapping items, or communicating in any way - you could get banned.

Can you get banned from Apex legends?

If youre partying up with confirmed cheaters for multiple matches in a row to boost stats you may get banned.

Can apex tell if your cheating?

As of writing, there is no in-game cheat reporting functionality. Instead, Apex Legends players are being asked to report cheats through the EA website. This is to allow EA to analyze log files which presumably will help determine whether cheating occurred.

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