Question: Who can counter Natalia?

What hero can counter Natalia?

Nana. Nana can also be Natalias most effective counter hero, just taro skill 2 near her teammates or herself so its guaranteed that Natalia wont dare to come close.

How do you counter Natalia ML?

How to counter NataliaAOE and targeting bushes. By doing area-of-effect (AOE) damage to bushes, this potentially brings Natalia out of stealth if she is hiding there. Sticking together as a group. Using heroes that reveal invisibility. Anticipate her next movement spot. Pick “Tankier” Heroes. Rafaela. Saber. Alice. •Mar 3, 2021

Can Natalia counter Hanzo?

Natalia. Natalia is one of the assassin heroes in Mobile Legends who has a special ability that is able to disappear by her silence for a few seconds in the grass. This hero is very suitable to counter Hanzo because when Hanzo is in Shadow mode, Natalia can easily search for Hanzos real body where easily.

How do you play against Natalia?

Just pop your ult, orb her, stun her, kill her. So easy. Nana is the worst hero I was against with Natalia.

Who can counter Guinevere?

Guinevere Laning and Countering CountersGuinevere. Lets start with laning: Helcurt. Helcurt was deemed an instant Guinevere counter as he can silence her CC and delete her with his 2nd skill fully made. Concentrated Energy. Badang.Badang. Badang is actually pretty simple to counter. Khufra. WanWan. Aldous.8 Feb 2020

How do you counter Silvanna?

5 Tips on How to Counter Silvanna in Mobile Legends!Use a Hero with Highly Disruptive CCs. One of the weaknesses Silvanna has is that shes quite susceptible to CC effects. Dont Always Get into a Duel with Her! Take Purify. Get Anti-Regen Items. For Tank and Support Heroes: Dominance Ice.

Who can beat Hanzo?

Hanzo CountersStrong AgaisntWeak AgainstMercyWinstonZenyattaWidowmakerTorbjornTracerJunkratReaper3 more rows

Is Hanzo a good assassin?

Hanzo is a very deadly assassin, who has a good set of bursts, Area of Effect, Buff, and astral projection skills in Mobile Legends. He can easily steal any jungle with the help of his first skill.

Who can counter wanwan?

5 Counter Heroes on Wanwan in Mobile Legends, Eliminate Her with These Heroes!Franco. This tank hero is the counter for various heroes since his skill cans top the enemys movement for a couple of seconds. Chou. Kaja. Hayabusa. Natalia.

How do you counter Xborg?

Another fighter hero you can counter X. Borg with is Chou, who is known for his crowd control skills. Using this hero will make it easier for you to escape with skill 1 and skill 2. You can use either of them to escape if you are blocked by X.

Is Baxia good mobile legends?

As previously mentioned, Baxia is one of the op heroes in this patch of Mobile Legends thanks to his passive skill, great defense, and his damage. This makes Baxia the most powerful tank hero in Mobile Legends at the moment.

Did Guinevere marry Gusion?

And it was never mentioned in Guineveres mastery code that they confessed to each other. They got separated because in Guineveres comics, she found Lancelot alone and without Gusion. And thats all, end of the story. Not confirmed to be a couple at all.

Who is Hanzo weak against?

Hanzo CountersStrong AgaisntWeak AgainstMercyWinstonZenyattaWidowmakerTorbjornTracerJunkratReaper3 more rows

Are Genji and Hanzo related?

Hanzo belongs to the Shimada family, a clan of assassins. Upon his fathers death, the clan elders instructed Hanzo to straighten out his younger brother Genji who was following a carefree, playboy lifestyle. When Genji refused, the clan elders forced Hanzo to kill him.

Is Hanzo meta ML?

Not only that he can use his ultimate to transform into Demon Pneuma form and deal massive damage to enemies while his main body is safe from any damage. He is currently in the meta and by using these tips and tricks you can rank up easily even in a solo queue.

Who can counter Esmeralda?

5 Best Heroes to Counter Esmeralda in Mobile Legends That You Should UseKarrie. Karrie is the best Marksman in Mobile Legends to play against Tanks -- including Esmeralda -- as she has a Light-Wheel Mark (Passive), which inflicts additional true damage. Baxia. Aurora. Claude. Lunox.

Who can counter Ling?

The Counter heroes for Ling are heroes that can lock the target like Aldous, Chou, or Gusion. Heroes with a skill lock can immediately limit Lings movement and Kill Ling instantly.

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